What People Are Saying?

Claudia Gonzalez, 2023

We are extremely happy that we took Hypnobirthing class with Crystal. We have learned so much, bonded as a couple and have many tools available to have a peaceful pregnancy and delivery. We have been practicing all that we learned in class and feel empowered and excited for the day our baby comes. Childbirth classes are a must!

Rosie Camilo, 2023

I recently took the Hypnobirthing course. Let me tell you…. every pregnant woman should take this course!!!! I honestly didn’t know what to expect from the classes. (All I knew was that labor was painful, and that’s what I have dreaded.. always heard horror stories). After taking this course, I have gained SO much knowledge, I feel so much more prepared and have a better idea of what to expect (especially as a first-time mother). I learned techniques on how to manage the labor process (correct breathing techniques, etc). Birthing doesn’t have to be the nightmare that most of us hear of. America does things very different compared to other countries (you will learn more about this in the course). The book that is provided with the course is also very resourceful.


MD Simmons Productions, 2023

Although I ended up having a c-section, the education I received from Jonah’s Birth about Hypnobirthing was a game changer for me when it came to communicating in confidence with my providers all the way up to delivery. Crystal has a heart to make sure you are empowered and know our rights as mothers against the westernized medical community. Sometimes it was a battle with my doctors but I always had the teachings and Crystal as my support. The class is amazing and NECESSARY if you are pregnant NO MATTER WHAT YOUR BIRTH PLAN IS!!!

Allysa Labianco-Baldoquin, 2023

It was a pleasure taking the hypnobirthing class with Crystal. Going into the class, and this being my first pregnancy, I did not know what to expect. Admitly, I had been nervous about the whole birthing process, but Crystal has changed my perspective. While teaching my husband and I the techniques, she also educated us on the birthing process and current medical research which has helped to ease my concerns tremendously. The class is worth the time and effort, and I feel much better prepared. Thank you Crystal!

Ashley Sowell, 2023

The hypnobirthing class with Crystal was a truly amazing experience! She provided my husband and I with so much necessary information. We felt extremely prepared when it was time for the birth of our son. I had always been afraid of labor and Crystal helped change my mindset. She was also always available if I had specific questions outside of class. I could reach out to her and she would respond right away. I also loved the that classes were small which created an intimate environment. I highly recommend this class for anyone preparing for labor!

Lynnette Montañez, 2023

We had such a wonderful experience taking Crystal’s hypnobirthing course. She is full of knowledge and makes sure to give all the facts. I had done some research on hypnobirthing and what I hoped for my birth plan, and taking this class really drove it all home. I feel confident that we will have a wonderful labor and delivery because of all that we learned and plan to implement. Thank you Crystal!