Real Quick

I’m a high risk obstetrics nurse who took a birth class and it made me see birth in ways no nursing school could prepare me for.

Beyond that...

I’m a mom to two amazing boys, married to the man of my prayers and I am passionate about seeing every pregnant family prepared, educated and equipped for every birth scenario.

Here’s the back Story

Im thankful for medicine, a Doctor who believed (Doctor Stephens thank you) and God who saw a purpose for me here.

The Beginning…

As a little girl I would be fascinated with every pregnant woman I saw. Curious about how the baby developed and grew. As a teenager I found myself searching through encyclopedias (Im dating myself here), trying to understand women’s health and what made women’s bodies amazing. It’s no surprise that when I decided to be a nurse I had my mind set on maternity. I loved labor and delivery but it was High Risk Obstetrics that stole my heart. Caring for women that had complications no-one imagined when they dreamed of pregnancy gave me a sense of purpose and fulfillment.

When I hear some women talk about the fear they feel when imagining birthing a premature baby I imagine what my own mother must have gone through when she birthed me. I was first born of twins, born at 26 weeks gestation. My twin though weighing more than my frail one and a half pound body would not survive. My mother barely survived herself, she would tell me later the story of how she would take the bus to the hospital in Kingston Jamaica, back and forth to bring breastmilk for my weak yet growing body. She was told that if I lived the quality of life would be questionable.

The Purpose

Years later I found myself drawn to care for moms who reminded me of my own mother, those high risk, those with complications. When I became pregnant with my second son I realized I wanted to birth calmly away from the anxiety and fear that I saw day to day. I took a Hypnobirthing Class against my good nursing judgement and dragged my husband for the ride. My birth was… unimaginable! I couldn’t even have dreamed of the experience I had. I trusted my body and realized it could do things I never would have imagined. I birthed 3 hours after being admitted to the hospital. After the birth I could hear my nurse say, “she looked like she was sleeping.” A week didn’t go by I didn’t tell a friend or loved one about Hypnobirthing.




I got certified to teach Hypnobirthing and I began studying. The more I studied birth outcomes the more I noticed the trend. Black women, black women, black women. In many articles those with the most unfavorable birth outcome were black women. Why? Black educated, affluent, healthy women… still were 3 times more likely to die in childbirth than their white counterpart. Then I began observing the demographics of many of the women that were deemed high risk, here we go again… black women!



With all Ive learnt and seen over the years I am more passionate than I have ever been about helping to create change for all pregnant women yes, but especially black women and their families. I create change by educating, advocating with and for you, speaking to the communities to spread awareness of all factors affecting maternal wellness today.